Sometimes, comrades my pc just doesn't load. It usually happens when I cut the computer off for the night and try to load it up the next day. It freezes on boot.

Secondly, sometimes the computer does load up and it freezes then.

One other issue I had is when I try to run a web browser. Browser runs fine but right click is sometimes just slow to respnd. I might have to right click three times to bring up the menu because it likes to appear and go away on its own.

I just bought a new stick of ram. 1gb

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The system may have some viruses. Try this: go to start>run and type msconfig and press enter. Click on the tab which says startup and clear all checkboxes except the ones oertaining to your Antivirus.. Then, click on the services tab and check the box that says "Hide all Microsoft services" and then clear all check boxes except for those pertaining to your antivirus. Restart the system and run a scan. See if this helps. If not, get back and we'll go further.


This is the main reason I dont like Windows. Im glad its not my computer. Im trying to troubleshoot the family system. I'll try this and get back to you.


Well at least it isnt freezing anymore but the net is running the same with the right click glitch. Its drivin me bananas. I'm thinking of upgrading to Windows 3.1

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