Is it necessary to have all versions of Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP1,SP2. Framework 3.0, and Framework 3.5 SP1 installed at once, or can I get rid of them to free up some space using just 3.5 since it's newest? Seems like alot of memory usage that I could use. Any advice would be appreciated greatly?

well i was using 2.0. but installed a program last week which required 3.5 framework.. and i installed 3.5 didnt asked me for installing previous versions.
also i remember once i installed 3.5 to friend home i guess for latest game of GTA IV at that time..there also i didnt installed previous versions..

so i guess no previous versions required for .net frame..just download from microst website and install will take tiime..installation. but will work perfectly fine..

Thanks for the input man. I guess I'll just go ahead and delete the older versions to free up some memory. I appreciate at.

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