Im kinda new here and Im hoping someone could help me.

My problem is that whenever I startup my machine I'm getting Limited or no connectivity. After a while of tinkering with the modem and the cables and stuff and doing commands (ipconfig/release/flushdns/renew, netsh int ip reset/winsock reset) turning off and on the DNS Client via Administrative tools, I do get my connection back. But these are very random cases, sometimes the ipconfig/release/renew works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes resetting the modem works but sometimes it doesn't. Also, when I get a valid IP Address and I shutdown the machine or hibernate it or put it on standby, the next time I boot it, it gives me the same problem again. I've also tried the WinsockXPFix but to no avail. I'm pretty sure that my Network Card is working too. I'm really hoping someone could help me on this one. Reformatting is not really an option though.


Are you connecting directly to the modem or do you have a router hooked up as well? Do you have a cable or DSL connection? When you have limited or no connectivity what are the lights on the modem doing? If you have a router, what type of router is it? Is this a wired or wireless connection?

Hi there, sorry for the lack of information. I have a DSL connnection directly from the modem, no routers. The lights are all on while the Data and PC node are blinking which should be normal I think.