i recentl downgraded, or shall i say "upgraded" my hp pavilion 2415nr laptop from vista to xp. Everything went great, except for the sound card installation. None of the drivers on any forum work. was wondering if anybody had done this, or know what to do.

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tried this already. The forums i was looking at were the hp help forums.

according to tech support you can use the dv2000z drivers, but they dont seem to work for me. Other people have tried and i worked, not quite sure what i did wrong.

The device manager doesn't show any audio devices, there are a couple unkowns and pci devices, but not sure which is which.

I know that the sound card works, because i booted the laptop using Knopix and tested the card, it works, just can't seem to get xp to recognize it. Everything i try the laptop keeps giving me the middle finger! lol

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