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So enter the product key. If you don't have one then you have an illegal copy of Vista and you're SOL here.


Laptops have the key on the bottom, if it's not there, HP can help you if your under the warrenty period, otherwise you'll have to contact microsoft.


If it was an upgrade, then you should have the key either on the laptop or on the package that the disc came in. If it's a torrent copy, then you're foolish for installing it (and as was mentioned above, you won't get any help here). Otherwise call whoever you got the disc from for a key.

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It should be noted also that if you installed without a key (as you can legally do for 30 days), you have to get the key for the version you installed (Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate). You can get a key for a higher level version (Home Basic can get Home Premium or Ultimate, and Business can get Ultimate), but if you want to get a lower version, you'll have to do a clean installation. The key won't downgrade.

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