Hi, this is probably a pretty dummy question but I thought I'd ask before trying, here it goes ... I have a compaq presario 2100 which (obviously) came with a couple of CDs for installing Windows XP. Now I would like to install Windows XP on a different machine, can I use the Windows XP Cds that came with my compaq? (I'm not asking if it is "legal", I'm just asking if I would have any technical issues if I did it ...). Sorry again for the dummy question and thanks in advance!

The only technical issues of which I am aware are potentially as follows:

Activation code already used. There is tolerance in my experience so it's worth a try providing you are remaining legal.

If it's an OEM Windows disk set, the right drivers may not be present for different hardware. If it's a commercial Windows set then you're OK.

suspishio is correct, and to add if it's a OEM cd it might not even boot in anoy other pc. as for the activation you cant get around it activation is not just registering the product key, certain hardware information is snet with the key and lock on the activation server. there fore using it in another pc will not work but if you do a clean install of the original pc it would work becaues that hardware id match to the product key.

Thanks a lot for the responses! The CD doesn't specifically mention "OEM", but it's written "only for distribution with a compaq pc" on it. It is a red CD, made by Compaq (it didn't came with the typical green Windows XP box or envelope). I wonder ...

The story is that I want to install Windows XP on a Intel Mac using Bootcamp, and I'm concerned about screwing up things if I use this CD ...

I'm reasonably sure that this is an OEM CD and you won't get very far. In any case, it would be a violation of Microsoft's licence.

Sorry to be so blunt. I've been there so many times and I haver had to grit my teeth with every copy of Windows I buy! Of course I've got all the past qualifying disks for buying the upgrade version of Windows. And don't even think about eBay - you''ll be ripped off with previously activated software.

Thank you Suspishio, I won't even try then ... I actually went yesterday to buy Windows XP but they no longer sell it in the usual stores here (I'm in Spain), only Vista ...