I've been using WinXP Home Ed for 3 years and just today a white block pops up(left side of desktop) that is 3 inches wide and is as tall as my crt when I turned on pc and desktop came into view. It has, Folder Tasks/Other Places/Details with drop down arrows on each....where'd that come from and how do I get rid of it???thanks

have you tried to scan your PC for any malware or virus? try to download Malware Bytes... and scan your system check if it will help..
or can get a print screen of your desktop post it here..

it's not a malware problem...it's a Window problem and it appears that it might be in the Taskbar and Start Menu section. I say that because when I go to Control Panel and try to open it nothing happens and it won't open at all. Print screen doesn't work on the desktop by itself, only when a program is opened does it work. Any other suggestion? thanks

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