I want to set up port forwarding, so I need a static IP address. When I type ipconfig /all into the command prompt I do not get the relevant info, IP address, subnet mask, default gateway etc..
Can anyone please help? By the way, I'm no expert!!

Start -> control panel -> network and internet -> view network status and tasks -> change adapter settings on the left -> goto your connection double click goto properties set the static ip under tcp/ip. After this is done you will have to login to your router and forward the isp port to the internal

I can't obtain the static address until I get the missing info (following instructions on portforward.com). Also, I was with you up until 'change adapter settings on the left'. I don't appear to have that.
Thanks, Michael.

First we need to know your network setup is there a router involved how are you getting internet to the machine to you want to port forward the traffic to?

I am using a D-Link DSL-2640R router for my broadband connection. I understand that I need to open port 9000 in order for my Logitech Vid (webcam to webcam calling application) to function properly. Following the instructions on portforward.com (their support is not free), I need to set up a static IP address. When I type ipconfig / all into the command prompt I get a very similar screen to their example, but the info I need is missing.
I am using Vista.

Solved in the end. Go to my connection, view status and click details; the information is there. Thanks for putting me on the right track.