I am in the process of removing MoviePass. The SChrock Innovations tutorial lists a bunch of .exe files, .dll files and folders where MoviePass may be listed. How do I view the .exe, .dll and folders to see if any of the listed files are there? And if there are any, what is the correct method to remove these files (right click, delete or something else). Thanks for your help! Gary T.

Well, to start, it'd be best if you had all files revealed:

Just be careful of what you do here. Don't mess around while in this mode- you can do some very serious damage.

With that said, here's how ya do it ;):

1. Close all programs so that you are at your desktop.
2. Double-click on the "My Computer" icon.
3. Select the "Tools" menu and click "Folder Options".
4. After the new window appears select the "View" tab.
5. Place a checkmark in the checkbox labeled "Display the contents of system folders."
6. Under the "Hidden files and folders" section select the radio button labeled "Show hidden files and folders."
7. Remove the checkmark from the checkbox labeled "Hide file extensions for known file types."
8. Remove the checkmark from the checkbox labeled "Hide protected operating system files."
9. Press the "Apply" button and then the "OK" button and close My Computer.

Thank you for the information. I'll try this as soon as I have time to go through it carefully, as you noted. Gary