I have windows Vista on my HP laptop. The user administrator and standard accounts have always acted wierd.

Here is what it does the admin account acts like a standard and the standard acts like a admin. If I click on a function on the admin side say change firewall settings it says I do not have admin privledge to change setting but I can do this function on the standard side. I never set up a password for the admin side but sometimes prompts me to enter password. I was not able to set up my wireless modems settings on the admin side but was able to on the standard.

If I go into the control panel and go to the user accounts it wont let me modify, delete or create a new admin or standard account If I go to create new account it gives me the following error:
"The following account name is not valid because account names cannot contain the following {}":;/<>+=,?*" Please type a different name"

I did that and no nothing is stuck, what seems to be the problem.

Thank you

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