When I start up my computer, sometimes about one of out three times, it restarts. It happens only occationally. I ran an anti-virus and ad-aware scan found nothing. Is there something wrong with my OS or hardware?
I did a quick look over my computer nothing looked loose. Please help.

Win XP SP2, Dual Core AMD 4200+, 1 gig DDR2,

Any info needed please ask. Thank you guys!

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Randon restarts are often heat related. Try running your system with the case side off and see whether it makes a difference.


Yeah, so far it is. But I haven't been keeping track of restarts lately. Thanks I guess it's heat related. I guess I need better fan circulation.


Just to add to that. Right click on my computer, click on the advanced tab & click on settings for startup & recovery.

What your looking for is a checkbox under system failure that states" Automatically Restart".

Uncheck that box and click OK.

Good Luck


Yeah, it's not the temp problem. It still restarts a few times and I been keeping track and it it's around 41-55 C's so yeah. I tried what you've said about the Advanced Tab...any other tips? It only restarts when it shows the desktop for a split second.


sounds like a software issue..have u checked the event viewer and msconfig?
Also let me know if u are using Maxtor Drives


How do I check event viewer and msconfig for software issues?
I have a maxtor drive as a master and a seagate as a slave. Does that count?


Maxtor Hard Drives have a known ACPI issue which can cause what your describing...it i also fixed by a firmware update from maxtor.

First though I would check the event viewer by going to the control panel>Admin tools>event Viewer or typing eventvwr.msc in the start>Run box.

The event viewer will list all the errors in cronological order that your computer comes across whether u see them or not.

Second use the MSconfig tool to tweak how windows starts. Start>Run>MSconfig.

Maxtor update available from


nvm it's hitachi..triple checked cuz it sounded weird me having a maxtor. My dad has a maxtor MY BAD! Thanks though. I'll stop posting now until i at least know why it keeps restarting. Then I'll bump this up for the solution!

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