As far a internet speed is it better to open up a new window or a new tab??? I don't like the tab option because you can't scroll through the different internet pages, like you can't when you have multiple internet pages open. What is more efficient for max speed??

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Hi, i cant imagin how one would be faster than the other ,as in my opinion what on the page you are going to detemines howe fast it loads .
and i don't under stand your not lining tabs as it was one of the biggest reasons people like and made the swithc to Firefox ,maybe just a miss use of the scroll[ to scroll is to move page from top to bottom or left to right ] on your part but you can quickly go from page to page by simply clicking on the tap across the top of the page in the toolbar

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Must agree with caperjack speed a page opens is not dependant on how you open it but on how fast your connection is. For ease of access tabs are probably better than seperate windows.


Windows 7 is faster than Vista and its proven.
for detailed info: http://windows7.iyogi.net/

What about comparing Win 7 with XP, which one faster ?

By the way, I'm a big fan of XP, is it worth to upgrade to Win 7 ?

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