I currently have two pc's set up in my home office. The first one is a Dell Dimension with 512 MB DDR RAM, P4 2.8 Ghz. There are quite a few peograms on here which I use on a daily basis. The most important one is a stock market scaaning program called "Strategy Desk" from Ameritrade. I input my custom formulas and desired list of symbols, and the program scans the web and yields certain results. Lately, I have been receiving messages stating I am low on virtual memory. This prmopted me to set up my 2nd PC, a HP xw4100 with 1.5 DDR Ram, and P4 3.0ghz. The Hard Drive was wiped clean and a fresh version of Windows XP SP2 was installed. I updated the network drivers to get on the web and install Strategy Desk. Bearing in mind that Strategy Desk is the ONLY program I have installed on this machine, when I run a scan identical to the one I run on my Dell, the scan takes more than twice as long to complete. This is a bit confusing to me since the Dell has 1/3 the amount of RAM, and is running many more programs during the scan then the HP (which is running no other programs). I realize there is a multitude of possible issues effecting the HP's performance, but just based on the side by side specs, I am at a loss as to why the scan is so much slower. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

PS. Both machines have 40gig dirves if that matters

Check out HP's support website for enhancements, updates and fixes for your OS. You might want to download the chipset driver as will if they list one.

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