Sony Vaio PCV-7762 desktop

My computer died. Kept trying to boot kept going in a circle. Tried the System Recovery CD #1 which was shipped with the computer. I got a blue screen with white letters.
"This program could not find a CD-ROM drive or a DVD-ROM drive for your system. The explanation for this could be one of the following:
1. The recovery CD is not for this system 2.The drive is not a Sony drive. 3. The CD drive is in the drive bay of docking station"

I pulled the HD and put in a new hard drive. Tried the System Recovery CD #1.
"Diskette Drive B: None, Pri Master Disk: None, Pri Slave None, Sec. Master Disk: CD-Rom, UDMA 2, Sec. Slave disk CD-Rom, mode 4, Parallel ports 378

and PCI device listing

and then the above mentioned blue screen.

Is There a way to restore this computer?

It sounds like the first HDD is dead, and then you have tried to sub in a new HDD, and use the recovery discs to load the OS. The problem with this is that the manufacturer flashes the HDD's with their own "imprint" prior to loading the OEM OS.
The recovery disk will not work on the new HDD unless you get the manufacturer to flash the new HDD. Most charge between $100-$150 plus freight to do this.

I think what Jezza70 is saying is that you need to install the operating system from a full installation disc, not a recovery disc.