It seems that leaving for 5 days for a holiday has taken a toll on my internet accessing capabilities. Before i left everything was fine and dandy on my wireless modem. i come back, kaput.

heres the sitch...

Main PC (connected to modem) -------> My PC (Wireless reciever to main)

all the light on the modem are as normal except for the internet light which is not coming on at all.

My PC can connect to the host pc, as can all the laptops in the house, the main PC just cant access the internet for some reason. I have checked all cables and such. everything is as it was before i left.

Picture can be taken to show what i mean, as well as PC specs and such.

P.S. In IE7 when i diagnose the problem, it says that there is an error with the DNS and such. will get further information on the diagnosis if needed

Thanks for the help.