Hopefully someone can help me out here before I have to resort to paying an arm and a leg to have my computer fixed or buy a new one.

I have a Dell Dimension 4300 with Windows ME installed. I had the hard drive completely cleaned out (EVERYTHING erased) a couple of months ago by a friend of mine. He re-installed all of the basic programs the computer came with (unfortunately he's in Italy right now, and I can't get any help...) I also installed Norton Anti-Virus. At first, the computer seemed fine. Then the sound stopped working. The little green light lights up on the speakers when they are plugged in, but no sound. But the biggest problem is that the blue screen keeps appearing. I keep getting the following errors, among others:

SAVRT(02) + 0000686D
Error: OE : 0028 : C02E4701
Error: OD: 0240 : 018F47FB

The errors always pop up when I am using the Internet, typically when I am trying to move from one page to another. This is soooo frustrating! Does anyone know what this is? Please help! I would appreciate it so much. Usually, the blue screen appears, it says "press any key to continue" and when I do, another blue screen appears with a different error message. This happens 3 - 4 times. If I keep ignoring it (by not restarting the computer) then it seems like the Internet stops working altogether. I will get "cannot find server" error messages.

Thank you in advance!


I believe the Antivirus is causing the problem.

SAVRT(02) + 0000686D

Could be Symantec Antivirus Real Time, and the numbers could be a memory address where it is crashing.

Remove Antivirus, and then shutdown. Turn the computer back on. If the error goes away, you have found the problem. Try re-installing, or try a different AV solution. Do not run your computer long without it.