Someone please help me, is there any software that can fix this issue...

This started about 2 months ago, sometimes it works fine, sometimes it shuts down automatically every 0 - 20 minutes (this is week by week). (It usually
happens as I use too much memory program.) I KNOW ITS NOT A VIRUS
because I reformateed my computer 3 times!

And even while I am reformatting it shuts down! :evil: I have to wait atleast
the same ammount of time before I can start reformat.

Please someone help!

Take your PC in to a repair shop and have a technician check out the hardware for problems.

thanks! I couldn't have thought of that myself! :rolleyes:

Thats why I posted here

Check Bios.

Look at temp readings...

Then check what the warning levels are..

Since you said started about two weeks ago. .I am assuming summer heat might be the cause.

Most BIOS settings are defaulted to power down the amchiens if hits a certain temp.

Dude, you just asked for a software solution to an obvious hardware problem. Unless there is a bIOS update available for that specific problem on your specific motherboard there isn't such a thing!

It sounds like a hardware problem for sure. No need for the rude rolleyes ;)

hehehe easy fellas.. lets all just fix the problem hahah

I agree though weezle..

But I honestly think this could be heat issue.

Had problem witha Duron chipset on Award Bios during summertime only heh.

CLear Vents of dust.. get cooler area for PC.. solved prob..

IF the problem has been occuring for 2 months i think its a hardware problem, look for a bios update for ur motherboard try it, if it doesny work then its definetly a hardware problem

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