Hey what about a Internet Explorer/Mozilla thread why just IE? Just wondering I say we hold a poll does anybody else agree with me?

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i agree but i feel that no one really has a problem with mozilla

haha true maybe thats why. hmmmm but, what about all the tips and tricks to it?

I am with you on the mozilla section. I myself use firefox and love it.

Hey guys: thanks for the feedback. Firstly, if you read the description for the Internet Explorer forum you will see it's related to all web browsing ;) But in addition to that, explorer.exe is essentially the Windows kernel and iexplore.exe is pretty much the same program. Which basically means that if your IE is broken your Windows is broken ;) So I figured I would condense all explorer.exe, iexplore.exe, and web browsing issues into one forum.

What would anyone even post in a Mozilla forum? ;) Just note that the IE forum is for all browsing issues. Enjoy!

I completely agree like I said, tips n tricks but, like you said " " you cleared things up. I guess it is the name Internet Explorer not Internet Explorer/Mozilla or Internet Explorer/Mozilla tips n tricks.

Sorry I get carryed away sometimes.

haha true maybe thats why. hmmmm but, what about all the tips and tricks to it?

Here's one my senior-citizen students especially like: The keyboard shortcut [Ctrl]+[+] increases the font size, [Ctrl]+[-] decreases the font size--and there's about 11 size-steps, in contrast to IE's 5.

I'm writing an article, Why I use Mozilla, that I will post to my site when it's done.

Hey there. That's cool TallCool :)

I also prefer firefox. I use it on all three of my linux boxes at home and my windows box at work. If it weren't for the fact that some pages must be viewed in IE, I would never use it.

I think a Mozilla section could be useful. People may have issues with the plugins. "I can't get flash to work in X," or "mozilla-plugger is broken with Y." Also, there are so many add-ins for firefox, that there could be a huge discussion about them. Maybe it wouldn't be a big hitter of a forum, but it could very well serve a purpose. I suppose most people who use firefox are *nix users, and are probably pretty familiar with toyng around with things if they aren't using a "default" browser, but as it gains growth, more support will be needed on Linux, Windows, and others. Just my input.

Oh yeah, shameless support for firefox:

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