Hi, my mouse pointer is always showing arrow and hourglass together. This seemed to happen immediately after Downloading MS updates of NET.
I have used System Restore to a point prior to Updates - no success. Any ideas how to fix back to Default operation of pointer? Thanks.

Go to control panel and check out your mouse settings.

Thanks maceman but I've been there, done that. As I stated, this trouble appeared after the MS Download of NET framework updates which were suggested to be necessary. In hindsight "nothing was broke". Any further Ideas?

I've solved my problem mouse pointer. When the MS updates went in, there was a Radeon driver update for my graphics card which was installed at the same time. This caused my pointer problem. I looked in Task Manager > Processes > and found MOM.exe randomly appearing up and down the list of Processes. The CPU was running at 100% all the time so I Googled to find out what MOM.exe was related to.
It's part of ATI Radeon Catalyst Center, so I checked my laptop and two other Desktops I have to see if MOM.exe was a Process and it wasn't shown in any of them.
I downloaded the latest Radeon drivers for my card from ATI, and then uninstalled the problem one and installed the new one and it's all fixed.

for the future ,change you windows updats to download but let me chose when to install ,and when it notifies that you have updates ,view them and un-check any hardware updates,just install critical updates

Thanks caperjack, I have it set to that but made the mistake of thinking the Radeon driver update would be OK from MS - wrong! I won't make the same mistake twice.