Ok clever people .... im sure im being really stupid but ....

I have a 4 PC workgroup network and I want one of the PC's not to be able to access some of the folders in the main 'server' pc. So I have turned on the guest user on the server machine and set a password. Restarted it and now when I go onto the other machines it comes up with a username which is already entered as guest and asks for the password - which I put in and it doesnt accept it ... So i thought i had mispelt the password so put another on in the guest account - restarted and it still doesnt like it - just keeps coming up with the username and password box everytime. Do i have to cut the network connections first before the password will work!??!?!? What am I doing wrong?!

I'm pretty sure the Guest account does not have the rights to access the PC remotely. I suggest clearing the password, disabling the Guest account, create a new account called Limited or something, and grant and deny it to whatever you want.

I dont what to access it remotely ... just to password the shared files so that one machine doesnt have access to it. It just seems the easiest way of doing it instead of turning off easy file sharing !