hey guys,

I am using Acronis True Image at my job and recently I tried to do a universal restore on a new computer with the old one's image. The restore failed and I think it was the new computer's motherboard that was bad, but anyway.....I tried to look for other software that can do a universal restore but I can't find any, is Acronis THE ONLY software package that can do this?

I've tried DriveImage XML, SelfImage and a couple more I have to try, but I can't find anything close to Acronis' ability to do a universal restore.

The other software packages I tried only makes an image for the same system. But I'm looking for something like Acronis where you can restore the image on a totally different machine, install the drivers and there you go. Does anyone know of such software out there besides Acronis? Has anyone been successfull in doing this with DriveImage XML of Selfimage and just do a repair install of Windows, with the files on it from the restore?

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Well i think the image you are trying to restore is of old pc so it just restore on that pc or pc of same spec. There is some hardware dependent or something else problem with backup software.


hi besthos...

no i want to restore to another pc with a complete different architecture. Acronis universal restore lets you do that but I was wondering if there is another type of software that will let you do that.


I don't think that you mean "different architectures" You can't take a 64-bit disk image and move it to a 32-bit CPU, or from x86 to ARM or anything like that!

But there are some products that allow restore to hardware with different motherboards and disk controllers than the originating PC.

Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery. Has a bootable disk that let's you image a new machine with a "Restore to dissimilar hardware" option. I don't personally like the software, as it has some programming bugs, and the bootdisk takes 5mins to startup.

Ultrabac UBDR Gold Workstation edition claims to do dissimilar hardware restore, for only $89! That's next on my list.


hi Grand666,
i only know two software that can complete universal restore
the first one is acronis true image
the second one is easus todo backup
now that true image fail to help you, try todo backup
i believe it can do a good job

hi evrybody,

our company have used easeus todo backup server version.

the universal restore function is quite powerful.

the system can totally work in different hardware situation.

if anyone has to do universal restore, try todo backup.

this is the article about universal restore written by easeus

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