I just came across this forum and thought you techies might be able to help me :D I just recently (not so recently, last december) bought myself a new desktop computer for my birthday. The computer runs smoothly and no problems what so ever except for one huge thing; games crash. It seems like all games crash just at random times and sometimes its enough to ctrl+alt+delete and End Program to get out of the situation but sometimes it requires that I shut the computer down manually. I just recently bought a new graphics card that is very nice and I can run games in high quality without any lagg at all. But it is becoming very very frustrating to be playing online (CoD6 CoD4 crashed all the time, it was almost un-playable) and then all of a sudden everything freezes and your progress gets lost...This has been happening to pretty much all games that I try to run but the one game that never crashed was World of Warcraft, which I never ran in a full-screen mode. Could there be a connection between that full screen games crash but not windowed games or maybe WoW requires less from the computer to run.

Thank you for your time :D


The two things that are RAM intensive are spread sheets and games. What ram you might have could be either too little or the chip (module) speeds may be different. Any tweeks that you may need to make should be on the sites home page.