yep...my internet is going crazy....it disconnects then i would have to do ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew to get bak on.....i dunno wats wrong with it. sum help would be appriciated thanks, daniweb has never failed me before!! dont fail me now!!

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thanks for the reply i ran it, which computer do i do it for? cuz if my internets down so is my dads computer, sry if i didnt provide that info from the beggining thanks but it seems that im not ogin offline nomore

edit: ok i got dced again.......omg this is so annoying, i called my isp and they said that my signals were kinda low, is there anyway i can fix that myself cuz i dont want them coming in my house


Well, I have never heard of signals being low, but if you have some kind of wireless internet you may not be in range.

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