Hi all, I am facing a problem regarding running the task manager. Few days back, I had installed another task manager in my xp professional. Now, i've already uninstalled that software & by pressing ctrl+alt+del the window task manager is not coming. I am not finding out the solution, how to reactive the window task manager. Any body has a solution?
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Use system restore. If that does not work try to find a solution on the FAQ of the Task Manager (not the one included in Windows) that you had installed.

Taskmanager is effectively a small standalone app.
have a look at C:\windows\system32 see if you can find taskmgr.exe
If it is missing, you can copy the executable from any windows xp pc and paste it back into system32 on your pc.

System restore never helped on such problem, it might cause it itself, Install a fresh copy of Windows, disable system restore and use any dis cloning tool to make a backup of windows.