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I was trying to repair a laptop with a broken cd/dvd drive. Without replacing the drive, is there a way to do a system restore ( assuming there is no other way to fix it) without a cd? Prompt answers are much appreciated! Thank you

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It depends on what format the system restore is in...
You can pull the hard drive and with an adapter stick it into another PC and copy the files over.
You might just copy the I386 folder (assuming XP) or the win98 folder (if you are running 98) to the drive then do your install from the hard drive. You will need the drivers for the notebook but those too can be copied to the notebook drive while it is attached to the PC.
FYI the adapters are around $5 us


Hey thanks for the reply, I was going to try and go for the external drive and reformat that way. But yours is also a good idea, thing is I need a tutorial on taking LAPTOPS apart, I havent really dealt much with them. Know where I can find one? If I was able to take it apart maybe we could just replace the drive in the laptop. Thanks


Online teardown manuals for laptops can often be found online, but it really depends on the make/model. Give us that info and we'll see what we can come up with.

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