I have Windows 98SE installed and a reasonable spec machine. I have been having a little problem with the computer freezing up after a certain time.
Now I leave my computer on all the time and the only time I turn it off is if I go on holiday.
I have no problems with the computer normally. When I have the problems is when I'm downloading something from the net. If it only takes about 2 hours, No Problem, over that and the machine starts to slow down and eventually freeze.
I have a web site I download from quite often and if you haven't got a download ticket ( which I don't have ) it only lets you download at about 3kbs and some of the downloads can take about 4 or 5 hours and that is when I start to have trouble. I must stress I do have 2mb broadband.
Another instance is when I am converting an AVI to DVD. Some programs only take about 1 hour 30min but others, such as cucsoft ( I think it is ) can take around 5 or 6 hours and again I start to have the same problem with slow down and freeze.
Has anybody got any ideas about this as it is begining to get on my wick now?


Either your computer is overheating or you have a virus. Open up your computer case and make sure all the fans are running (it's safe to open it with the computer on, just don't touch anything). If any of them are really dusty, blow them out with compressed air (can be found at your local CompUSA, or whatever you have near you). If everything is running fine, do a virus scan.