Ive always been used to a couple of folders under the documents and settings folder. Recently I went to just check it out and for some reason I have 9 different folders in it now. I only have one user account so I figured I should only have that folder and an all users folder. I went to properties to see how much hard drive space my documents and settings folder was taking up and it was 9.5 gigs worth of space, thats gotta be way to high right? Im a little nervous about just deleting the other folders except the one that has my current user name so I thought Id ask for some help. I have an administrator folder and two other administrator folders but they have .D2XC... and .Downstairs after them (this computer uses a wireless connection from my other pc upstairs by the way). Then I have an allusers and an allusers.windows folder. And finnally I have a folder with my name and 3 owner folders. One says owner.(myname)-DELL, this one contains all my current desktop icons in the desktop folder and my current favorites in the favorites folder. I just dont want to have 9.5 gigs worth of space being taken up if it doesnt need to be. I cant afford the external hard drive I want yet and Im running out of space on my hard drive fast. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.

woops sorry im an idiot I forgot I temporarely put a 9.4 gig folder in my shareddocs folder so my documents and settings folder isnt 9.5 gigs but if anyone has any tips on what folders i can get rid of it would be appreciated. sorry for being stupid.