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hi guys, plz see attachment. i was wiping my screen off with mild soap water, and this was there when i turned it back on. anybody know if its permanent, or if there is a fix?

Just what are you trying to fix. Your attachment shows your windows Explorer Library Pane. click the red X in top right corner it will go away. If it was selected just before shut down either on purpose or by accident windows would have brought it back up on reboot. If you mean the shadow shapes on screen, just how wet was the wipe cloth any chance water got around edge of screen. If so let it dry out. The other option is to pop edge of screen frame and gently press an absorbent material against edge of screen to draw out moisture be very careful as this assembly is fragile material Later---

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lol...thanks much...will check to see if anything got under


You're Welcome, remember gently it's plastic and glass. also you can try propping the comp. on left side ie. with left edge of screen on towel so fluid drains out of screen sandwich structure. LCD screens are multilayer construction. Good Luck! Later---
p.s. post back progress

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