I am running Windows XP professional using Parallels 5 Build 9220 on a Mac Pro with 16 GB of RAM. I want to upgrade my Guest OS to Windows 7, 64 Bit. I can't do it directly from the Windows 7 upgrade disk because it requires that I run the upgrade from an already installed version of Windows. I did this by changing the Guest OS from Windows XP to Windows 7 in Parallels and installing from the Windows 7 update DVD, but a number of problems appeared, e.g., my devices are not recognized (multiple monitors, printers, shared disk/folders, camera, etc.). My questions are: (1) Did I follow the correct installation process? and (2) Why are none of my Parallels configuration settings working

Drivers my friend. Go to each and every support site for your hardware and down load 64bit drivers for all that you are having issues with. For the hardware that have no 64bit driver up grades try using compatibility mode. Right click software for item choose properties choose compatibility tab check run in compatibility mode for, choose OS to run as if installed, good luck. If I missed something someone with more know how will jump in. Later---