i'm hoping there is someone out there with win xp 64 BIT VERSION who had to overcome some problems to get iTUNES on their compter. two things to note. i downloaded it and it told me it needs a 64 bit version of win xp. that's what i'm on, but i'm on the student teacher version. then another time it just froze up installing. i tried installing the 32 bit verions but there were problems there. HELP, i haven't found anything on there page yert. thanks a bunch

thanks but yeah, i've tried that. i've tried a couple approaches and neither have worked. i've always uninstalled completely inbetween installations and i have no existing copy of this program on my computer, anyway, my two approaches:

1 win xp 32-bit edition: it tells me i'd be better off with the win xp 64 bit edition but it does let me continue for a while before it bugs out and says there was an error and nothing was changed on my system.

2 win xp 64 bit edidtion: it tells me i need win xp 64 edition to install this version.

i suppose fixing that last error could make way for the program to properly install. but i don't know where itunes is getting the idea i don't have win xp 64

What did the support team say about windows 64/32?

i did some scratching around and i guess it hasn't been fixed yet. someone wrote up a description of how to fix it and then further down the page, posted a link to his file, where he has fixed it. i tried doing it the way he describes and in the and i thought it looked like the line he was referring to has been fixed in the most recent version. either way i did what he said and it still was giving me the same message about not having win xp 64 bit. so i just downloaded his version and installed it. here is the page he devoted to this problem


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