Hi all, i have a...... well omplex problem.

I was cleaning up my computer the other day and i fear i have deleted a program or something. You see, what happens is: -

I connect to the internet, modem connects fine, small tv's on the task bar appear and all apears fine.

But : - My Internet Explorer cant bring up any websites. Its as if im offline. Can anyone help?


What do u mean "clearing out"? Did you go mess in the registry or just unistall programs? Did you delve into any system folders? Disable any services?

The "TVs" are actually two computers.

Are you sure your IE is set to work online?

Hiw did you post here if IE doesn't work?

Do you have any other browsers installed?

Can you use Windows Explorer/Outlook/anything else to access the net?

I was uninstallin programs, i think i may have uninstalled "ad-aware" this is my work pc! It said something about proxys?

What OS pls
Have you tried another type of browser

Reinstall ad-aware (maybe downlaod it at work if you don't keep the sources).

Did you uninstall any Windows Components?

I re-installed IE 6 but i really dont understand whats going on. The modem connects, but the brwoers cannot detect the server. Anyone any ideas?

Can you get an IP address? If you're running Windows 9x/Me, type "winipcfg" in the Run dialog box. If you're using Win 2000/XP then open up a DOS window and type "ipconfig"

Let us know the IP address your network card is pulling.

Its says the DNS IP is
Also the numbers
44-45-53-54-00-00 and are there. Does this help?

Still I'm not sure what to do, everytime I open IE it comes up with DNS error page. Not much good with computers me really :-(

44-45-53-54-00-00 <-- is your mac address (media access control) <--- is your subnet mask <--- You say this your dns entry, but are you seeing an IP in the IP address field?

I will check this out 2nite and report back tomorrow. I dont think there was an IP number in the box..... is this the problem?

(XP)Type command in the run prompt ipconfig /renew
and reboot then type in ipconfig /all
and see if anything comes up in the IP address field.