My windows xp wont come on all I get on the screan is Compaq. I have tryed the start up disk but it is not working is there a way to troublshoot and get the windows xp to come up?

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Can you login via safe mode? I forgot what command it is... do a search on the forums. But there is some F key you can press when Windows starts to load and it will load in safe mode.

So the Compaq screen comes on and just never goes away?

:sad: My frined is having problem with getting his windows xp to come up all he gets on his screane is compaq he has tried to rebot and has also tryed the start up disk but it still wont come on. Can I troubleshoot and how? Please help?

How old is the computer? I reccomend contacting Compaq Technical Support.

What was done to it last to cause this state?

it is a new computer and all that I know is he just turned it on and window would not come up.

yes I cant get windows to come up

Go into BIOS and make sure that you HardDrive is set to Primary Drive.

f8 for safe mode

I'd try calling Compaq.

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