Hi, I have a very much legit copy of xp home. Now I bought it assuming I could install it on my work computer and my kids computer.
A friend of mine said it's not possible and I just wanted to check if I could use the same key on both. Thanks

It will work on other computers too. I think should get licensed for no of systems too.

I could be wrong, but I think it depends on the terms of the licence that your copy of windows falls under.

So if you have a full-price retail copy of XP, then under the terms of the licence I believe you're entitled to install it on several machines. (Not sure if there is an upper limit on the number of machines it can be installed on though!)

Whereas if you have a cheaper (but still legit) OEM copy, I believe it can only be installed on one machine for the life of that machine. So if you attempted to install an OEM version on several machines, it'll only let you register/activate it on one of them.

{edit}: Your best bet may be to take a look at the gumph that came with your XP disks and see what that says. Alternatively you could contact Microsoft's customer support and ask them to clarify the matter for you!

Cheers for now,

if it only a single computer license then no its only meant install on one computer ! giving that winxp allowed for up to 6 hardware changes before you had to call to activate winxp again,[had to do that recently on a test computer that i used for testing cpu's and ram ] ,you may be able to install it on a few of them but not legally