Hi to my family at Daniweb !!
I have a Compaq DeskPro EX with Windows 2000 on it.
The sound wouldn't sound right . All the sound comming out of the speakers was fast and sounded like all the music and words came from a Chipmonks cd.
So, I looked up an UPDATE driver file for the audio called WDM_A406.exe and downloaded it to the desktop. I opened it up and it loaded great. Restarted the computer and thats where the fun has begun. All it does in regular mode is Blue screens. It will go into SAFE MODE just fine.
I selected.....( GO TO LAST GOOD KNOWN CONFIGURATION ), but that didn't help any.
How do I get that driver package file off the computer so it will quit blue screening ?
I feel like I've really messed it up this time.
Any and all help will be very much appreciated !!!

OK.....put out the fire, I fixed it. I went into ADD/REMOVE Programs and there it was. I simply removed it and the computer is fine now. It still sounds like the chipmonks when a song is played but I don't want to go through that driver mess again. !