I have an acer laptop and I am trying to make it secure as possible. I have already edited the boot options in the BIOS so that external hardrives, cds, floppys cannot be run on boot, only the internal Harddrive can be run. I have also password protected the BIOS.

The acer laptop has a bypass. On the startup screen, the user can hit the <c> key to boot from the cd, completely bypassing the disabled cd boot option in the BIOS.

Does anybody know how to disable specific keys on startup? I know how to diasble the F8 and F5 keys using the C:/ntldr file and modifying the registries, but I don't know what codes are used to disable the <c> key, or what line the <c> key is on.

Thanks in advance guys!

Gee, arelius, you're going nuts there over security. I understand that. But....
If I got hold of your lappie, and wanted to see into your hdd badly enough, well, I'd come across your arrangements, and then I would switch it off, pop the hood and slide your hdd into my machine. A simple resetting of your password and I would be in.
You could, of course, encrypt your files - but discovering your password would still let someone in to them. To prevent that use a password that is long.. 20 characters or so, and including non-alphanumeric symbols. Of course, you would find that so tedious. And risky.
Lock the c key? BIOS does what BIOS can.