Occassionally when I begin startup on my compaq presario 700 laptop computer; operating system Windows XP home edition, I recieve a box stating the following:
RBA has encountered a problem and needs to cloe, sorry for the inconvenience. If you are in the middle of something, the information you are working on might be lost. Please tell microsoft about this problem. I then am offered the option of sending an error report but because my computer has not yet reached the startup page I am unable to connect to the internet in order to send the report.
What is RBA?
Is this something I should be concerned about?
Is there something I can do to fix the problem since I can't send the report?
Thanks for your help.

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Hmm ... I've never heard of anything called RBA. It seems like it's some program that you have installed. Perhaps one that runs on start-up?

Go to the Run menu and then type "msconfig". Browse to the Start-Up tab. This gives you a listing of everything your computer loads at startup - both stuff in the StartUp group in the start menu, as well as stuff loading from the registry. Check and see if there's anything loading on start-up called RBA and see what it's path is (to deduce what program it is from). Let us know if that worked ... otherwise you may have to hunt and peck disabling a lil bit at a time, until you find the culpreit.


I am also getting the same problem. I did a search of folders on the system for RBA*. the results of the search are-
rbaLauncher and rbaProxy.dll and RBALAUNCHER.EXE-2B50A155.pf
I SEARCHED on the net for .pf extension. I could not figure out.
Please help.


Ok,one more thing: A third link on the first page of the search was "Startup program List - Prepared by Agni Sharman" (http://www.geocities.com/agnisharman/#C), which offered up this info:
"Compaq Message Server
Applies to CPQBootPerfDB below as well. These files generate some kind of server or servlet that attempts to connect with Compaq online. They are like Trojans, but fairly harmless. They send information on the "Compaq Advisor/Compaq Message Screener" application that comes with every Compaq computer and provide feedback on how computer users use the Message Advisor. These messages appear occassionally and instruct and advise users on their computer and its use. They generally attempt to get you (these messages) to connect to Compaq's website. They may be safely disabled via (1) MSCONFIG or (2) Start -> Programs -> Compaq Advisor -> Advisor Settings under the "advanced" tab. Not required and can cause problems"


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