As many of us know (especially those like me who use StyleXP) the well known XP themes site has been down for the last few weeks.

As of within the past hour, it's been back up! I'm just about to go head over to it and check it out. Let's see if it was worth waiting for!

looks like its down again... :-(

Seems to be harder and harder these days to keep good sites up. Usually because of lack or support, despite content, or too much support to the point of overwhelming the site.

Sorry, just venting. :-)

Sure hope it gets up and running again soon!

Yeap... I dunno. I used to go to ThemeXP alllll the time. Then they got ultra slow and now they've been going up and down. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. They certainly do manage to get an awful lot of traffic though.

After being down for so long, I was expecting at least a new look. Or even new styles. But it's just as if the last few weeks never happened. :(

I'm also getting a lot of mySQL errors on their site now. I guess those will be fixed soon though.

ya...i find it really hard to keep truegeek up pretty much because something keeps on breaking. MySQL connect....include file gone Javascript smileys. Pretty soon we will have a 50 floor office building and a 5000 server.

Yeah, this site actually goes down quite a bit. (It was down for a few mins earlier today actually). I'm trying to find a new host, but without much luck. I need a reliable company that supports php, mySQL, and phpMyAdmin (a MUST!). Also, I wanna use a pretty mid-sized company as opposed to two high school guys who have a setup going on a dsl line. ;)

...looks like it's up again! :-)

Hmmmm... looks like I need ".Net framework" to install some Longhorn Style dashboard. Does anyone know where I can download it?

You can download it for free from Windows Update (or from the Microsoft Download section).

Sh**. Windows Update won't work for me. I think I have a cracked version of Windows XP. Do you mean MSDN?


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