I want to get rid of all my paper documents. (that I'm able to)

These include recepts, invoice copies, bills, college work, sketches, etc.

What software is best to use for this?

I'm running Windows XP and have a scanner.

My main concern is document organisation after I have scanned the documents onto the computer. I need a consistent way to store the files so they can be searched and grouped.

When you scan the document to the computer they will be pictures which is fine to keep as records but you will not be able to edit them. IS that a problem?

If so you could get an OCR engine whihc reads text from pictures and converts it to a document. Fax programs do this.

Either way you should get microsoft office or open office if you want free and also dmailer backup from www.dmailer-backup-software.com there is no point going paperless if your just going to loose it all one day and make sure you have antivirus software. if you want free go AVG.

The only thing left is the sketches im not sure to what level you want to sketch but if it just to keep a picture you dont need anything

my computer just crashed luckily im using firfox so i did not loose the message... i would get firefox too