Help please! For some reason, although the dial up modem connects (to NTL) fine, IE keeps coming up with the DNS error screen when you try to access any website. If you try and log into Messenger it trys for ages then says "cannot log you in, try later".

Really need to get this sorted quickly. Help please!


Any thoughts anybody?? Really need to get online and get Messenger working, can't believe that there is no answer to this out there? Help....

Try this, as this was my problem in not being able to access certain websites. Do a search for your folder called HOSTS, then right click to open it using notepad and you should see only this line in it: localhost
If there is anything else in that file delete it because it is what is causing your DNS error. Then save the file so that it will only have localhost in it. No idea of what is wrong with Messenger, maybe this will fix it too.

If you cannot browse any website, point IE to

If DaniWeb appears, the DNS server(s) are down. This is a common problem for dial-up, but it usually disappears by reconnecting, or after a few hours in the worst case.

If the problem persists, contact your ISP.