Everyone says ie6 is such a huge security risk. Funny I have used it and maxthon (my ie 2) with out any problems. I have yet to find the magic web site that puts stuff on my computer without me knowing. I have surfed all the nasty and worst of the worst web sites. No problems. Done that for over a year. Seems like it boils down to this. Play with p2p or "freeware" dont blame the browser. Download iffy programs dont blame the browser. Better than 90 percent of virus and trojans can be traced back to p2p or operator error. Until someone can show me this magic web site that can put stuff on my computer without my knowing useing ie6 then I will always respond to thoes who claim its ie fault is full of green cheese. Dont buy the hype. Use what you want.

I agree ,I have never been to a sit that just loaded shit in the background ,they atleast try to trick me into saying yes to an activeX

...they atleast try to trick me into saying yes to an activeX

That's the point... Since it's very much agreed that common sense is never common, not everybody reads what pops-up their browsers and not everybody is as computer literate as most of us. Using IE6 is fine, if we're the ones using it, but then, an office computer that everybody has access to cannot be monitored everytime. The only time you get to notice a computer that's used by most of the employees is when something goes wrong with it. I still use IE6 at home but had to install firefox for my little bros and sis to use. They're not even old enough to understand me explaining the pros and cons of using IE6. I'd rather let them use something that's less prone to spywares/adwares than spend a day or two trying to explain something that they won't understand until a couple or more years... :)

I'm such an IE fan it isn't even funny :) How old are your kid siblings, Oalee?

well, one is eight and the other is six... they use it mostly for yahoogames...