I got an error/BSOD late last nite around say 1215am 2/10.

MSoft wanted my pc to restart to install some updates. After restarting it went to the blue screen of death with the following codes:

following "technical information: ***STOP 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x8050D532, 0xF78BE3B8, 0F78BE0B4)

No file names were given. No drivers listed etc

I tried to reply to another thread I saw here that had the same exact codes above (which I thought was pretty unique and odd) but was told to start my own thread.


The only things that changed on my pc were I downloaded a very large file and all I can think is that I ran out of storage on my main drive (although the file was supposed to download to a separate external drive).

update: Forget this theory I just booted up that drive from a laptop and all those files are on the external.

The other thing was that it seemed like some Microsoft update needed to run or at least restart the pc to update. It did this as usual after 15 minutes and then bam - nothing. I tried booting from safe mode so that I can check out the main drive storage.

besides this error code no other information was made available. I'm thinking of maybe removing one Gig of Ram since I added 2 new gigs about 3-4 months ago. I realize this is not really a solution but nothing else seems to work at this point and in the great world of pcs - odd things like this have worked for me in the past.

I ran a hd scan in setup mode and both drives passed.

Does anyone have any possible solutions to try. I don't know how to create a boot cd or anything but have two other laptops here that I can use to create anything.

Appreciate any help with this.


Hello, snow, if you can enter Safe Mode you can use Restore to revert to a date earlier than the M$ updating.
Let's assume that you cannot, and that it is an update giving you grief. Do you have a Recovery Console installed, or on cd [eg an XP installation cd]?
Load it : If you have a SATA drive use Del to enter BIOS and change the Drive emulation to IDE [this saves performing the F6 routine]; then F8 should give you a BBS popup where you can change the boot drive to cd, type R to enter the console.
Inside your Windows enter these commands:
cd \
This will give you, among other things, a list of $ntuninstallKB.....$ folders. Identify the latest ones you installed before the failed restart.
Then cd to [each of ] those $ntuninstallKB.....$ folders in turn - when in each enter this cmd:
batch spuninst\spuninst.txt
Let it run... you will see a list of files being deleted, copied... then move to the next $ntuninstallKB.....$ folder.
Fine. Exit the RC. You have wound back the file changes made by the updates.
Try to restart. If it does, then you need to uninstall those updates fully - do this via Add/Remove pgms [check Display M$ items box]. This undoes all reg changes as well.
Good. Now restart, go into BIOS to reset your Sata drive emulation if you altered this before, and continue on into Windows.
Try the updates again [dl them afresh]

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