Hello Guys and Girls,

I have an IBM ThinkPad which is running Windows 2000. The other day I foolishly ran CHKDSK when I really didn't need to. After that, when starting-up the machine all I get is a Stop Error message and the machine won't continue booting-up at all. In order to troubleshoot, the screen tells me to do things which need the machine to be up and running, which it can't do of course. I don't have a manual or boot disk.

I would be very grateful if anyone has constructive suggestions or a solution for my problem.

Thanks in advance.


hi, try hitting f8 on boot up and see if you an get to safe mode to do what it telling you to do

Thanks for that caperjack. The machine went to a new screen and a number of files scrolled up, however the Stop Error message came back and no other choices were given to me. Any ideas? Love your picture.


hi,i would run chkdsk again ,make sure not to interrupt it you can get files to create a win2000 boot floppy at http://www.bootdisk.com/