Hi guys,i just got a laptop. and i was installin windows xp pro chinese version on it. after the instalation, the wireless wasnt found. it as there when i first got it. i installed windows xp chinese pro sp1. wut can i do to have the wireless back and connect to the internet? i am currently downloading sp2 hopin that the wireless would come out. thnx for ne helps.

- What is the make/model of the laptop?

- If you look in Device Manager, what inforamtion do you see there for the built-in wireless card?

its dell inspiron 6000. in the control panel, i dont c ne thing like wireless. i just called in to the dell service support. but they told me to dl hardrives that have things to do with my wireless hardware. but theres tons of them. so i dl them all and run them. but it came out errors says i need to use multidisk stuff.

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