Hi, ive recently been asked to wipe a friends computer and have done so with no probs until i noticed that the ethernet controller driver isnt backed up on disk anywhere and now i need to download it from somewhere, the driver i need is for an Intel(R) FW82801EB Ethernet port. I tried the intel website first (obviously) but they dont have the driver there as it is too old (and intel are rubbish!). Please any help or website links that may help me in this search would be greatfully recieved, or even a link to the driver itself would be good!! ;)


If you wiped the disk, how could you expect to find a file of anything let alone a driver back-up?
What is the motherboard manufacturer and model of if it is a brand PC, their name?

If you go to their site you should do better, in fact I would never download any driver from any other place if the manufacturer (or agent) had the driver.

Are you working on a Laptop? If so go to the laptop mfg and download the
driver for that model of computer i.e. dell presario etc..