Hello everyone, I have reformatted numerous computers in my life but have ran into an error that my experience (or lack there of) cannot fix. I have an Acer 5100 which had Vista on it. I have reformatted the HD (actually have tried two HD's) and have attempted to install XP on it, but after the initial files are loaded, and it restarts to continue the install, I get the following error:

Setup cannot load the keyboard layout file KBDUS.DLL. Setup cannot continue. Shut down or restart your computer.

I have read online about fixing this (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/246187) but this article does not explain HOW to do this. I've used an adapter to plug the HD into my laptop but it does not recognize it.

Any ideas?

Setup is weird. I somehow get the feeling [but do not exactly know] that if it discovers files, even on a formatted drive it may use them, not overwrite them. I have no idea how. Try using a disk wiper. This one is simple, use it to burn a CD-RW.
This version runs from a flashdrive or floppy. http://sourceforge.net/projects/dban/files/dban/dban-1.0.7/dban-1.0.7_i386.exe/download
-just dclick that exe to install it to a floppy or flashdrive.

I am closing this thread due to the owner wanting to try someone else...I wish that person the best of luck!

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