I'm stuck in situation. I was trying to transfer files & settings from my wifes old computer that has xp to her win 7 laptop. I think she put the cord in too early or something because the computer froze. Now all it does it gives me the screen with windows shut off unexpectedly and gives options but none work. I get bsod then resets to get same screen. I got a xp disk i think that was used for original loading but I don't see anything for the recovery console. All I really want is her documents & her ie setting and bookmarks. Can anyone help me on what to do now?

Thank You

When you get the options screen turn off the automatic restart, then capture and post the BSOD msg.

hi clstew32559, since you got another laptop..try plugging out the HDD of the laptop that is not booting properly..plug in to external usb enclosure..then plug it to your other laptop then recover the data..

go to documents and settings \ username (that you want to recover the data)

if no any changes has been done on documents and settings\user name\ here there should be a file "Favorites" copy this file it contains all the internet explorer bookmarks or favorites..(this is IE bookmarks)
if she uses another type of browser then you can search google on how to recover those bookmarks.

Good Luck!

When you get the options screen turn off the automatic restart, then capture and post the BSOD msg.

I cant get to a screen that says that.

I'll try the other suggestion & let you know. Eventually I still need to fina a way to fix the original computer.

Use this software and your XP installation cd to make a bootable flashdrive Recovery Console:
Go to this page and dl the file Mkrecovery.zip. Extract from it.

Use of mkrecovery.cmd
Right click over mkrecovery.cmd and click edit:

In _setting....
-change USBDRV value R: to the letter of your USB Drive.
-change XPSRC to the path of your Windows XP Setup folder. eg S:\i386
...else you risk erasing a drive's contents!!!!!

-Save the file, insert a blank flashdrive, and then dclick on mkrecovery.cmd.
When creation completes copy into the USB key folder $WIN_NT$.~BT the two files autochk.exe and autofmt.exe from the i386 source folder.
For some reason these two are excluded....

Done? Boot the failing sys from the USB drive [use the one-time BIOS boot menu... F2, F8, or F10..... the BIOS front page will tell you which], and then when the RC loads [it should recognise the Windows installation] run...
chkdsk /r

I got it. I had to get someone's xp disk to correct it. Thanks for all your help.

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