I found one good program - Auto ping utility(it is freeware).
I hope it will be helpful for anyone else.
This program can show where is a problem of your internet connection.
I mean it do ping command all time for chosen hosts, and show in the system tray if packets lost. It is very convenient.
Direct link to download
Please, tell me if you know more helpful ping utility.

If you keep pinging someone like that you will probably get blocked as its essentially a DoS attack.

Secondly, not all hosts support PING. It doesnt mean they dont exist.

I am have not stable internet connection and I ping my gateway(my WiFi router), providers gateway, providers DNS and some internet hosts(google.com). So I see where the problem is.
Google will block me for that?

hi fish1978, as Jbennet said not all host support ping.. one can disable/enable whether to accept the ping request or not..

continous ping to someone is not good..
search the web for the keyword "ping of death attack" to know more..

also many ISPs will block pings anyway because it is used by worms to find hosts to infect.

OK, I am will go to the google for answers.