When I turn on my V3000 the power and indicator LED's light up but nothing appears on the LCD. I Thought it may have been the integrated Video Card so i bought a new motherboard and installed it, but the issue still remains, even when i hook up an external monitor it wont work. So I tried some new ram, and nothing has changed. This one is really a stumper. I have completely Disassembled the machine and reassembled it making sure to check all of the connections and make sure they are all nice and snug. Any Ideas?

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Aahh yes, You remind me of myself.

I want to Test the LCD on another Machine just to check if it's working.

Then I want you to try another monitor on your current Machine.

Post results thanks.

I forgot to mention that i did test another LCD on that machine and it didn't work either. Granted it was not the exact size LCD but it still should have worked.

Hmm maybe the PSU?

The power supply. If you have a spare lying around try that first,

We are both talking about a laptop right? Because i'm pretty sure that the PSU is built into the motherboard. despite having that little connector cord that runs from the jack and plugs into the MB

I answer a alot of questions in a day so I loose track of whose who. But yeah I though we were talking about a Desktop this whole time. You said you changed the motherboard of a laptop right?

Ok what are the chances that the motherboard you changed with has the same problem? I mean is it new?

Yea I changed the motherboard in the laptop. And i Bought the motherboard off eBay. it said it was a completely working motherboard but by the looks of it wasn't new. Theres a chance that it could be the same issue. or i was thinking that it could be the processor? since it does nothing on start up.

Processor won't have anything to with the graphics.

A laptop follow the same guidelines for a PC. In this case it is usually the board or the graphics card. Or another peripheral that has short circuited.
Look at all the internals to see a burned circuit or look for a burned smell.

Everything looks fine. Nothing smells bad or has that burned electronics smell to it.

Hmm, can you change the processor?

You have admit this may be a lost cause depends on how far you are willing to take it.

yea i'm kind of thinking it might be, Its not my computer though and i was almost positive that it was the Integrated Video that went so i had the the person pay for a new mother board at the cost of $115 so i don't want to be like oh btw your computer has completely crapped the bed... If i can find a different processer that fits it i will try to change that.

Yeah lol, that is a sticky situation. You must understand even if you change the CPU it may not be that.

Yes i understand that. I really dot think it is. I think it may be a faulty monitor Cable? i had taken the screen apart to test that other monitor and when i put the old one back in it worked. but then i put the screen all back together it didn't work. so i think it may be a broken wire in the monitor cable. Does that sound like it could be it?

It could be that, without the Notebook in front of me it could be anything at this point.

Maybe the board, maybe the CPU, maybe the Cable, maybe something else completely.

Yea its probably something completely stupid that im just not seeing it

Yeah and that is where I can't help, try and find a someone over there that you can show it to, try and get a second opinion.

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