Both my PCs says there is a CD there when there isn't. I have just reinstalled Windows XP on both and soon after loading software and updates, they started seeing software CDs as empty disks or full disks but with no files to be found. When ejecting the CD, My Computer still says there is a blank CD waiting to have files written to it. Both got Clam AV antivirus loaded and have done 3 online virus scans.

Both machines are totally different hardware and different Windows packs. The program software is legitimate software I have been re-installing for 4 years.

I have un- and re-installed the CD drivers. I can install software from USB and net but need my CD ROMs working. Help! Please!

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For XP...
Key Name: NoDriveTypeAutoRun
Set the value to 91 hex [dec 145]. Setting a bit disables the feature.
That should enable AutoInsertNotification for CD-ROM drives, RAM disk drives,Removable drives (Floppy, ZIP), Hard disk drives and Unknown drives.

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