I have just been curious if anyone else has had this problem or anyone would have ANY possible idea to a solution...

Okay, the problem is, when i go to Google and submit a search it will take me to a results page, and if after i go through a few results and decide to refine my search, add/edit the search bar (or even if i typed "q=my+search" or whatever into url box), nothing will happen at all aside from the url in the box to change, but the page won't refresh or load the new results page. it does this everytime i try to search twice in a row. now it doesn't happen if say i clicked one of the first results then press back and then change the search, or i can refresh the page manually after the url dates on search search.

i know this doesn't seem like a big problem and it isn't but VERY annoying. i have tried running firefox in safe mode (didn't work), then i tried clearing the cache and all other files like that (didn't work), then i reinstalled firefox (didnt work), and restarted my computer... this doesn't happen with any other website i am aware of, thought i think it may have awhile back to another web site but it wasn't consistent like this just an odd occurrence, or does google do this with any other web browser, but i only tried opera and it was fine.

i don't know, just weird and annoying. :(

Try making a new profile, if it is solved please post your solution.

It is rather rude, when you ask for help and solve it yourself but don't share the answer.

well no idea what fixed it or what even caused it but only thing i think may have something to do with it is pulgin-container.exe, but kinda seems unlikely since killing it now doesnt effect anything and when i was having the problem running firefox in safe mode should have meant its not even started? not sure tho